Though it went right over our heads, we apparently have been the spot light of peoples known as the Cai "aliens" for hundreds of years! In this letter, they tell all: Edit

Dear Humans,

We are sorry for this brief introduction, but you have caught our eyes for a few years now. You see, we are a small group from the planet, Planeta Af Monets, in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. We are a diverse group of what you would call, "Aliens." We see that you are progressing ever so steadily, and we were wondering if you were willing to make a trade. We could allow you to colonize on some parts of out Lower regions, in exchange for your modern technologies, like phones and computers. Though we once had these things, they were lost a couple thousand years ago after a new species attempted to colonize. If you would like a more information, please respond to this digital letter. Attached are some photo's of our people that our younger group of leaders among various area's demand that we send.


The Cai "Aliens"

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IMG 5279
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