The Lower Regions are two sections located under the mountains of the Upper Regions. The environment here varies much from that of the other two. With thick dense forests, very little light makes it through from it's nearest star. With thick underbrush, this habitat closely resembles the foliage of a jungle, with varying trees. The ground varies from softer grass, to high course brush in some places.

The climate varies in most places. It can go from hot and humid, to dry and cold. Coarse brush grows in some of the dryer colder places, where as the shorter softer grass grows where it is humid. The Inhabitants however stay the same.

These are the Tentecai. These octopus like creatures have four root like legs that are meant to burrow in to the ground, with their signature "Tentecai" at the end. They suck an unknown nutrient from the soil, and gain energy from it. In return They release a chemical that helps the soil replenish, and flourish.

Though these people have no known sex, they reproduce asexually, from their root like legs that falls off every year or so to regrow stronger ones.

They have veins covering their face, to serve as a type of camouflage* from unknown predators. They are around 2 feet in stature, and have basic vocal abilities.

*Ignore spelling error in diagram.

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