The Middle Regions are an aquatic system of rivers and lakes. The ground is moss like, and squishy from the mass amounts of water. There are some aquatic oak like trees, and boulders in the coves of its inhabitants.

These people are called the Aquaticai. With seaweed like hair, they are all together a light blue, with darker blue spots that help them to absorb sunlight. They have a "mermaid" like tail, that propels them in the deeper parts of lakes and rivers, and helps them to battle currents. With webbing under their arms, between their finger, between their toes, and between their tails flippers, they don't spend much time on solid ground. They live in coves, with usually currculate around waterfalls. They primarily eat fish, and are very playful in nature, and have a playful tone of voice.

Though they have male and female genders, they can change them at will. Much like a parrot fish!. They are usually around 6 feet in height.

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